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Ian McLauchlan GMus.RNCM

Welcome to my website which offers headjoints of the very highest quality both in their craftsmanship and in the musical qualities that they possess. I have been making flute and piccolo headjoints in precious metals since I left music college in 1981. Since then I am delighted to say that my headjoints are used throughout the world by both professional and amateur players. The headjoints are noted for their elegant and responsive playing qualities, flexibility and wide range of tone colour along with an extensive dynamic range. By looking through this website you are sure to find a headjoint that matches your requirements and leads the way to a new sound experience for you as an artist. Below you will find a brief biography that gives you some background information.


Ian McLauchlan GMus.RNCM

Ian studied flute at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, with Kate Hill & Trevor Wye. Whilst there he was offered an instrument technology course as part of his diploma which lasted three years. During this time he produced his first headjoint which was made from stainless steel and nickel silver.

Following study at the RNCM he started working from home repairing flutes and making headjoints, quickly gaining a reputation for the quality of his work.

Ian has spent time working at the Brannen Cooper factory in the USA, receiving training in both manufacture and repair of their flutes. This influence led to a thorough overhaul of his method of making headjoints.

Working trips abroad have included the USA, Spain, France and the Faroe Islands; lecturing and demonstrating flute maintenance, making and repair.

Ian has now established himself as one of the leading Flute Technicians in the UK, maintaining instruments belonging to many professional players.

He is the resident Flute Technician at Just Flutes, Jonathan Myall Music in London.

Ian plays regularly on a freelance basis throughout the South East of England and abroad.

Ian is married to Dixie and they have two children, Felicity and Pippa. Ian enjoys good food, real ale and fine wine (but, not necessarily in that order!) and keeps bees in his spare time.

Flute Repairs

Personalised Engraving

Having an engraved lip-plate is a great way to customise your headjoint and make it unique. I have a number of standard engravings, shown below, which enhance the appearance of your headjoint and offer considerable grip to the chin on the lip-plate. Alternatively, I can work with you to create a design based on your own artwork. All engraving is handcrafted by one of the best engravers in the country. Please contact me for details.

Headjoint Making video

Limited Edition Butterfly Headjoint